Mine Site & Corporate Networks

Resolve specialises in the implementation of telecommunications and data networks across large distances in the mining industry.

New technologies allow for optic fibres to be utilised such that high speed internet and VoIP applications can be applied to current locations without the need to use long distance copper runs or out of date microwave technology.

VoIP will allow for free calls between all sites in your organisation and local call costs for all external calls. This means that a call from Brisbane to Perth no longer attracts long distance call rates and can significantly reduce the telecommunication costs for your organisation.

Resolve have been utilising these technologies to provide telephones and data links to mine sites in regional areas that were previously using either slow satellite links or paired ISDN lines to access the outside world. This cuts down on traditional cabling costs and allows for standard Ethernet cables to carry both data and voice in your organisation.

Connecting sites across different states and even different countries no longer requires the leasing of expensive Telstra tie lines and allows for the simple and efficient use of the internet and shared or private fibre links to access these sites. Multimedia, collaboration, voicemail to email and a host of cost saving, productivity increasing technologies becomes available at your fingertips.

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