Radio VHF / UHF
Resolve have extensive experience in providing solutions to all of your radio communications needs, no matter how large or small. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for your radio communication needs.

One of our special skills is our ability to deliver custom designed systems to provide efficient "Business Solutions" to meet your specific communication needs.

In addition to the standard radio communication supplies of two-way radio devices we can supply and support many ancillary devices and other equipment which is all designed to facilitate the "One Stop Shop" approach to providing "Business Communications Solutions". The following are just some of the wide range of other products available

Base Stations
Base stations can be configured in many different formats, including repeater, base station, link and major system configurations. These base stations are designed to the highest specifications and will offer excellent performance in any radio system. These base stations are available in most frequency bands and also in MPT1327 trunked format. If you need a professional repeater, base station or link station, talk to us now.

Regardless of whether your need is for Mobile Data, Vehicle Location, Selective Calling, Multi-channel networks or any other system, if it involves radio communications we will be able to help. If you have a problem that can be solved using radio communications, we will design the best possible solution for you.

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