Service Level Agreements
Resolve have several types of contracts available that best suit your needs:

Annual Desktop Support
Annual Desktop Support contracts are yearly contracts, covering one user and one desktop computer. We will agree to provide full support for a defined list of hardware and software, and will provide "best-effort" support for hardware and software not on our list. Unusual work arrangements can also be supported; however, some may require purchase of an additional contract. For example, we will support your laptop instead of a desktop machine, but work related to configuring the laptop for use from home or while travelling may require a retainer project. Similarly, we may charge extra for a single machine with many users, or a single person who uses more than one machine. The service we provide to you is defined in a Service Level Agreement.

Yearly contracts, covering one user and one desktop computer.

Hourly/Retainer contracts
Work which is not covered under our Individual/Annual contracts may be covered under hourly or retainer contracts. This work may include additional services for Individual/Annual customers (as noted above), or it may be work of a completely different nature, such as web design or Unix system administration. Hourly contracts are for projects which are expected to be closed-ended; retainer contracts are for projects with an expectation of ongoing support. Hourly contracts require a two-hour minimum billing; retainer contracts require a five-hour minimum. All hourly and retainer work is done on a purchased-hours basis. That is, you are hiring one or more Resolve staff people for the period of time we will work and bill you for; we are working on an hourly basis, not a "deliverables" basis. As such, there is no warranty for work performed, though we will strive to meet all your needs. In any case where the project appears likely to overrun the original estimate by 10% or more, we will contact you before continuing work.

Our rates for hourly and retainer contracts are set based on the type of work. For fiscal 2007-2008, general hourly work (Mac and PC) costs $95 p/hour for mine sites and $85 p/hour for corporate and business, web and database work costs $70/hour, and Unix and CISCO work costs $135/hour. Rates will not change during the fiscal year; all rates are subject to change at fiscal year boundaries, including rates for existing contracts.

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