Satellite Services
Exploration sites are typically in very remote regions and may be hundreds of kilometres from the nearest facilities. They may be active for a few weeks, months or even years, some are put on care and maintenance for short periods while results are evaluated, others can be scrapped after only a short time. For this reason, flexibility and the ability to react quickly are key requirements. Orion provides this flexibility.

Using the ResSAT modem a site can be on-line and have 1 or more telephone lines operating within a day. If the camp moves within the lease or moves to another lease area the ResSAT system can be moved at the same time and be back on-line within a day. We can adjust the services for periods of low or no activity. If separate contractors are operating at the site Resolve can provide individual billing for each telephone line.

Mine construction or expansion can be a period of intense activity with hundreds of workers accommodated at sometimes isolated locations. Once the construction project is complete the numbers of personnel on-site reduce dramatically. Also, during the construction phase there may be many different contracting companies that all have separate communications requirements. Resolve can accommodate these requirements.
Orion can provide separate accounts for each contractor, we can scale the bandwidth applied to data so that it peaks when there is maximum activity then reduces as activity tapers off. Additional telephony modules can be added without the requirement for technicians to attend site.

Internet booths can be provided within the accommodation area enabling personnel to stay in contact via the internet and payphones can also be provided.

The efficient and free flow of both voice and data between mining operations areas and the company corporate office is essential for the smooth running of a modern mining company.

The flow of data between the operations areas and corporate and administration is constant. A robust data communications system that can offer a high level of security and performance is essential.

Resolve can provide a completely secure private IP Broadband solution that can offer telephony and data throughputs of Mbps at a cost less than Frame Relay or any comparable terrestrial service.

The Resolve Private IP Broadband solution connects the remote mine network directly to the company corporate services or data centre. It is for this reason that, unlike “Virtual Private Networks”, Resolve can provide performance guarantees and service level agreements. As well as the corporate and admin communications to the mine Resolve can compliment this with a range of other services, these include:

Permanent communications designHigh speed optic fibre linksTechnical supportCabling and installation services

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